How I Use Arts and Crafts to Keep My Pre Schoolers on a Schedule

by maidinspokane - June 4, 2017

Like most kids, my kids LOVE arts and crafts. For those of you who do not know I have a 4 year old (Ralph) and a 3 year old (Ryleigh). Ralph and Ryleigh have a lot of differences, but one thing they share is a deep hate for bedtime. Picture of my childrenNothing ruins their evening quicker than Mommy or Daddy saying the evil words “BEDTIME”. Faces frown and excuses fly. “I don’t want to go to bed” or “I’m hungry”, are favorites at my house.

Getting these guys to bed  had become one of the roughest parts of my evening. Then finally I had an idea. My kids are very independent. I do not know how many times a day i hear the phrase “I want to do it by myself'”. So I decided to make it one of their many jobs to put their selves to bed. How? You ask.

On our next Wal-Mart trip I purchased a simple clock for around $5, some scissors, scotch tape and a few children activity books. When we got back to the house the kids and I sat at the dinning room table and as they say “Daddy

broke the clock”. While I was “breaking the clock Ralph and Ryleig had the job of finding certain pictures for me in the books. Kids playing, Kids eating breakfast, a bathtub…

Once they had found all of the pictures I cut them out, and taped each activity over the hour at which we would typically do them. Now my pre schoolers had a clock that they could read and comprehend and our entire day flows a lot easier. This works really well because now instead of daddy saying hey guys it’s nap time it goes more like this. “Daddy come tuck us in, it’s time for us to take our nap” or “Daddy it’s time for us to do our letters and numbers”.

The clock has become a huge hit in our home and maybe you guys can use it as well.

If you have any other cool tips or tricks please let us know. We love fresh ideas!