Spokane Washington Parks

Parks in Spokane, Washington

Are you in Spokane, Washington, or will you be traveling there in the near future? While you’re there, you could visit some of the beautiful parks that the Spokane area has to offer. While Spokane has over 87 parks, here are five of the most notable ones that make the top of our list.

Riverfront Park

This public park is located along the Spokane River, specifically close to part of the Spokane Falls. It was created for a world’s fair event in 1974. It is well known for its IMAX theater, an amusement park for kids, a carousel, and a clock tower. The Spokane River Centennial Trail also runs through this park.

Dishman Hills Natural Resources Conservation Area

Dishman Hills is a protected area which is home to numerous species of wildlife. This includes animals such as coyotes, deer, and marmots. This park is also home to a large variety of butterflies. Most of this area is home to beautiful granite outcroppings which were formed over 70 million years ago by volcanic activity.

Manito Park and Botanical Gardens

This park was created in April of 1904 and is open seven days a week with free admission.
On the grounds, there is a conservatory, arboretum, and as the name suggests, botanical gardens. It was originally named Montrose Park until the name change occurred in 1903. There was also a zoo on the park property until the Great Depression forced its closure in the 1930’s. Nowadays, many visitors come to this park to enjoy a variety of sports such as baseball, parkour, or tennis.

Mount Spokane State Park

This state park is located in the Selkirk Mountains and receives hundreds of inches of snow each year. Its highest point is Mount Spokane, and the park spans over 13,000 acres. Management was established for it in the year 1927. These days, the park and all its peaks are a popular area for mountain biking, camping, horseback riding, and more. It has a variety of trails for all different levels of experienced hikers and cyclists.

Riverside State Park

Riverside Park is the largest state park in the entire state of Washington. It is publicly owned and was established in 1933. It boasts an area of 14,000 acres and is home to all sorts of recreational activities including ATV riding, hiking, swimming, camping, and more. The Nine Mile Recreation Area in this park is also a popular destination that attracts a multitude of tourists each year.

If you’re visiting Spokane, these parks are a must see. Find out about buildings to see in Spokane.

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