Removing Coffee Stains From Carpet

by Team Maid Service - July 6, 2018

Coffee spills can be so inconveniencing since they happen when you least expect it. Like when leaving the house, when dining at a party, or when you are just about to start reading a book. The good thing is, by following professional advice from Maid in Spokane, you can easily attend to the stain with only a bit of interruption.

Removing Coffee Stains From Carpet










For a solid stain on carpet,  make a mixture of one tablespoon of white vinegar, liquid dish-washing soap and warm water measuring about two cups. Use a clean white cloth to sponge the stain using the mixture. Sparingly sponge the stain with the mixture while frequently drying the spot using a dry cloth to the point when the stain becomes washed away. Finally, cover the spot using a cloth soaked in cold water and  then dry it using an absorbent material.


Coffee Stains on Upholstery

Make a mixture containing one tablespoon of liquid dish-washing liquid and cool water measuring two cups. Use a clean white cloth or soft bristle brush to clean the stain from its outer edge to the center using the mixture to prevent it from spreading. Repeatedly soak the spot until the stain fades away, then rinse it using cold water, getting rid of excess water. Rinsing is vital to help get rid of soapy residue which attracts more soil. Additionally, you can use dry-cleaning solvents to soak the stain.


Coffee Stains on Clothing

Richard’s advice on how to get coffee stains out of clothes is to run hot water through them directly. Remove difficult stains by treating those using equal amounts of vinegar and water and then wash away the vinegar using laundry soap and a brush.


Before Cleaning Coffee Stains

Use a small part on the carpet to test the cleaning liquid before use. Be on the look-out for color changes. If a color change occurs, you will have to seek alternative methods to clean the carpet. Dark colored carpets can be sensitive to coffee stain removers.


Different Carpet Fiber Types

Spraying little amounts of cold water on the soiled spot is required when cleaning coffee stains on natural fabrics. Paper towels are useful in sucking out the moisture in such spots.

Tips On How To Remove Coffee Stains

The method discussed is only effective in the removal of fresh coffee stains. You can also remove stains using specially designed chemicals.

Most fiber carpets are made from nylon and olefin which provide high resistance to stains since they absorb spills out. Ensure the carpet is completely dry to avoid molds and unpleasant smell. The removal of old stains in olefin and nylon carpets require the purchase of a specially designed coffee stain remover.

Removing coffee stains from carpet made of polyester requires the use of equal amounts of water and white vinegar. Blot out the stain from the outside to the center to prevent it from spreading. Spray the mixture on the stained spot and use a piece of cloth to clean. Dry the spot using paper towels or cotton cloth. Never rub polyester carpets when removing stains.