How To Quikly and Effectively Clean Your Bathroom

by maidinspokane - November 9, 2016


BATHROOM cleaned by premier maid service of spokane

Faster Bathroom Cleaning
Cleaning can be one of those things that we put off because it takes so much of our time and energy, but after cleaning over 1000 homes you figure out little tricks to setup a system to help you get things done faster and more efficiently.
1. Start with the Shower/Tub
The shower and tub are the most time consuming part of cleaning a bathroom and by starting with this you can knock out a majority of the work from the start. Depending on the severity of how dirty the shower and tub are, first start by treating the area with a degreaser and a product to break down hard water (CLR or similar). While a product like CLR works great on hard water it will no touch the soap scum build up which is where the degreaser comes in.
After applying your cleaning solution (wear gloves and eye protection) use a scotch brite pad to scrub the surfaces starting from the top and working your way towards the bottom. Once you have scrubbed the entirety of the shower rinse clean by either using the shower head or filling a cup with water and pouring over the entirety of the shower.
If any areas need any extra attention hit those again and rinse, but do not worry about drying at this time.
2. Vanity and Mirror
Next start by dusting off the lights above the mirror with a dry rag. Do not use a wet rag because this will cause the bulbs to burst if they are hot (personal experience just trust me).
Depending on the clutter of the counter top you can either hit the entire surface at once or move everything to one side and do half of it at one time.
Spray the counters with a disinfecting spray, scrub with your scotch brite pad and wipe clean with a fresh rag.
Polishing the front of the cabinets adds an extra tough that your guest are sure to notice.
Last clean your mirror with a fresh rag and a glass cleaner.
3. Toilet
I first start by spraying a cleaner inside the toilet that contains phosphoric acid, this removes and hard water and rings that build up over time. While letting that sit for a few minutes spray the entire outside of the toilet with a disinfectant scrub and wipe clean , now use your toilet brush to clean the inside of the toilet.
4. Finish Shower and Tub
Now that the shower has had time to dry most of the way come back and wipe it down with a clean rag. Any glass or chrome surfaces can be shined with some glass cleaner to leave that clean polished look we all love.
5. Floors
Last we just need to sweep and mop the floors to finish off the bathroom.
This process is for our regular cleaning service, with move out cleanings and deep cleanings the process is a little different because there is more to clean but if you are looking for a way to stay on top of your home cleaning this is a process to follow.