How To Clean Quikcly Withtout Missing Anything

by maidinspokane - June 1, 2017

I’m Jeremy Shaw, the owner of Premire Maid Service. I have cleaned thousands of homes and alongside my field manager Kalia we have trained just under 50 professional cleaning techs. Our clients are always amazed at how fast and thorough our teams are able to perform, and I am going to share a few tips with our readers to help you receive similar results.

Like all things, practice makes perfect. Our cleaning techs spend serveral hours everyday cleaning and that is where the eye (attention to detail) and speed is developed, but if you are cleaning a home that you live in daily, and likely arranged/decorated  you are already at an great advantage.

So lets get started. Most people keep their cleaning supplies under the kitchen sink or in a closet somewhere in the home. If the plan is to clean the entire home the last thing you want to do is go back and forth form whatever room you are cleaning to the kitchen. To avoid doing so we are going to build what I refer to as a cleaning caddy (pictured below).  Caddies are inexpensive and can be purchased at a local store or online.

Blue cleaning caddy

Cleaning caddy

Now that we have the caddy lets get our supplies. Grab your favorite multi surface cleaner, Glass cleaner (I prefer vinegar and water), degreaser if you have tough stains, comet, furniture polish, and sprayable floor cleaner. We have gathered the small supplies now all we need is a duster, vacuum, microfiber mop, broom, and some rags.


We know where all of our supplies are and trust me that is going to save us a lot of time. Let’s start with everyone’s favorite place to clean THE BATHROOM. Oh yeah GLOVES I forgot about those. The first thing you want to do in your bathroom is spray down the vanity, toilet, and tub with your multi surface cleaner. Sprinkle a little comet in the toilet and let that sit. While the multi surface and comet are breaking down the dirt you want to start high dusting. It’s important to remember when cleaning to always always always work top to bottom left to right. This does two things. It ensures you dont miss anything as well as prevents your from ruining a clean floor with dust from you ceiling fan. After we have dusted everyone things lets clean our light fixtures above the mirror, the mirror, the vanity, the tub, and lastly the toilet. Wipe the cabinet fronts down. Sweep, mop and empty the trash cans.

The job doesn’t really change much through out the rest of the home. Top to bottom, Left to right and you’re well on your way to an lavishly cleaned home!