My House is a Disaster, Where Do I Start? Part 1

by maidinspokane - June 8, 2017

How did it happen? When did it happen? One day you walk into your living room and know instantly that something has to be done. Bills and magazines are stacked on what use be a coffee table. There are more dishes throughout your home than in your cabinets. And the pounds of dust…Does this sound familiar?

Take a deep breath. Relax. This can be fixed.

Many of my current clients started out in the exact situation and I will walk you through how we quickly bring these homes to a manageable state.

What Do I Need to Get Started?

Time, Determination, and lots of lots of trash bags

Big Trash Bags


Lets start with the living room. Take one of those huge trash bags and go to work. Coke cans, old news papers, paper plates all go into this bag.

#ProTip If you have not seen something in a very long time and never missed it THROW IT IN THE BAG!

We’re making progress.

When we are finished with trash lets grab  another of those huge bags. This bag will be for bills and important papers. Gather  all of these and move that bag into a corner ( do not mix up with your trash).

Remove any items that go in other rooms in your house. If you have multiple things going to another area of the house grab one of our handy dandy bags and make it happen Captian.


Dusting makes a world of difference. Let’s start with high dusting. Ceiling fan first because it’s the easiest to forget. With an extended duster dust the upper perimeter of the area. Next with a rag and your favorite multi sufrace cleaner lets starts dusting surfaces (table tops, tv, shelves).

Clean Glass Surfaces

Now that we are finished dusting use a vinegar water mix to clean your glass surfaces.

Base Boards and Floors

Spray a terry cloth with your multi surface cleaner, whipe down your floor boards. Sweep and mop if you have floors. Please do not mop your carpet. 


The process for living areas are the same throughout the home. If you have a den, office space or other similar areas the same steps apply.

Moving on to the kitchen 

Actually, this post is getting a little long. I’m going to make this a three or maybe a four part series.

To Be Continued…