Garage Sell Pro Tips (buying)

by maidinspokane - May 30, 2017

I have been an avid garage seller for as long as I can remember. On Saturday morning when most kids my age were either sleep or watching cartoons; I was out with my mom attending sale after sale. I remember dragging my wife out to her first Saturday of bargain shopping. She was not at all excited about it, but 2 hours  and $30 later she was one of the happiest women on the face of the earth. She had purchased a vintage vanity along with some child hood movies that she couldn’t wait to watch with our daughter, and none of her friends believe that she only paid $25 for the vanity. Through my years of experience I have learned a lot ab0ut what to do and what not to do when It comes to bargain shopping and I will share below.


Garage sale sign



If you do not know exactly where you plan on placing a piece of furniture or what you intend to do with it, LEAVE IT THERE. (My wife struggles with this one)


Know a deal when you see one. Most people have items priced to sell quickly, but that is not always the case. I never buy anything that isn’t at least half the price it will cost me brand new (25% is usually what im looking for)

Rule Number 3.

Plan ahead!!.

What’s the point in bargain shopping if we are burning unnecessary fuel. The night before search craigslist and your local news paper for a list of garage sales. Plan a route that allows you to hit all of them in order ending closest to your home.

If you are planning on purchasing bigger items and are driving a car or small SUV, have rope or cargo straps handy. I have been in a position once where my wife and I were in the car and saw the really nice painting and had to pay for it, leave, and go switch vehicles.


Rule Number 4.

The No Thank You List.

  • Printers (Ink and old drivers on printers are both costly and hard to find)
  • Old Televisions (costly repairs and take up valuable space for other greats buys)


Rule Number 5.

Do not be afraid to make FAIR offers on something (especially later in the evening)

If you feel something is a bit overpriced for the condition that it is in, kindly ask the owner “will you accept $10 for whatever the item may be” chances are they will say yes and besides no one wants to load things back into the home after a sale.

I could go on forever about garage sales it happened to be one of my favorite topics. Feel free to comment some of your favorite tips below and I will be happy to add any good ones to the list. Hope to see you guys around town!!


Jeremy Shaw, Owner

Premier Maid Service