Easily Cleaning Pet Hair

by maidinspokane - November 7, 2016


If you are a furry pet owner you have no doubt encountered the hairy troubles. We all love our little hairy friends, but sometimes the hair seems impossible to maintain. In this blog post we will talk about some of the best tools available  to help you keep your home close to hair free.

What magical tool could I use?

Vacuums are great for removing hair from carpets, but good luck picking up the whole machine and cleaning your couches and other furniture. So the question is who has the best attachments or hand held units that still provide enough suction? Dyson makes a hand held that is wireless, and has a battery life of around 20 minutes. Okay great, but that is probably not enough time if you are cleaning multiple areas . This is where we decided to take a look the shark rotor professional; which is known to have the most powerful suction of any vacuum on the market. This vacuum cost right around $250. We saw the mini motorized power brush, and ended up purchasing that for an additional 89 dollars.

Time to put it to the test

Everything looked great on tv, but we all know how that goes. “Everyone has the lastest and the greatest”. There are a lot of features with this particular unit making it a top pick for my all round vacuum cleaner. It can move at various different angles and can get into so extremely tight places without the need to move heave furniture.

I would give the shark rotor powered lift away a 5 star rating across the board. Even there customer service representatives were professional. I am really glad I decided to try out a shark to help make my pet hair nightmares go away!

I would like to thank Premier Cleaning Service of Spoknae for the recommendation. You really saved us a lot of hassle!