Declutter Like a Professional

by maidinspokane - September 19, 2017

Decluttering can be a stressful task. One day you look around and say “Oh boy…Where did all of this stuff come from?” Clothes are everywhere, stacks of junk mail, and where did I put those darn keys? You have 3 options at this point.

  1. Ignore it, and continue to feed the “Clutter Monster”
  2. Burn the house down (highly illegal)
  3. Decide to take charge and defeat the Clutter Monster

If you choose option 1, the rest of this info will be pretty useless to you. If you choose option 2, you can apply the information to your jail cell, so feel free to continue reading, and if you choose option 3, this article is the bible you have been searching for. First things first! Planning is key, without a plan you will simply be moving junk from one pile to another and dragging out an already stressful process.

If planning is not one of your strong points you may even consider calling in a professional, but if  you are willing to follow the steps in this article you certainly can pull off the declutter mission.   When making your plan, simplicity is key. Keep the plan as simple as possible.

Whenever Maid In Spokane is working with a new team mate on a declutter mission the very first thing we do is plan the music play list. Yep, you read that right we have to get the tunes going to get in the zone and defeat the monster. Now that we have some good music going, it is time for the tour.

During the tour we are determining our end goal. What are we wanting to achieve in each room of the home. Write these goals down and be as detailed as possible. Later in this process you will have to part with some items. Being able to look back on these goals and remembering what we are shooting for will make that portion of the process that much easier.

Example: My goal for the Master Bedroom is to get rid of all of the unused items and maximize the space. There are lots of clothes in here that I no longer wear and books that I will likely never read. My night stand is crowded with old magazines and trash. I can collect 2 bags of trash out of here and 2 boxes to donate to charity.

Do you see that? We made an assessment and  a goal. When we get to the master bedroom we know exactly what we want and we have already decided we are going to donate at least 2 boxes to charity and collect at least 2 bags of trash. There is no turning back now, Lets do this.

A similar plan should be made for every area that will be decluttered. After the planning of the entire home it is time to get to work.


Remember that simplicity is key. Lets start with trash removal. Coke cans and old chip bags are a given, but let’s go deeper than that. There are going to be things in the home that aren’t necessarily trash, but you will never use them again. Some things just aren’t worth donating and should be disposed of along side the old coke cans.

If you have large quantities of trash you may consider using one of the local disposal locations.

After trash has been removed from the area we are able to switch our focus to donating. During this part of the process you have to be extremely honest with yourself and be willing to part ways with some items. This would be a good time to look back at the plan and hold yourself accountable. If you goal is to maximize space, the more you donate the more of that space you will be able enjoy.

After trash is removed and you have donated some things you should be at a major turning point in the process. You should be able to see those goals coming together. If not, we are not ready to move forward. We are still holding on to some things that either aren’t needed or  it may be time to get creative.

  1. If we have large bulky seasonal items that are taking up space, a storage unit may not be a bad idea.
  2. Are we using cabinets and closets to their full potential.
  3. Furniture with hidden storage is always a good idea.
  4. Sell some items on Craigslist, Offerup, or Facebook. We have trouble parting with some items, but sometimes a little cash in exchange can make the deal a little easier.
  5. Did we really get rid of all that we could.

Now we can see parts of the home that we haven’t seen since move in day, and the space is feeling bigger. Feels good doesn’t it. We are on a roll lets keep the momentum going.

Junk Mail!

Junk mail is a problem in most homes in the U.S. Let’s bring out the shredder and get this under control.`After this issue is under control you can remove yourself from the junk mail mailing list and stop the flow of unneeded paper into your home.


We have removed the clutter and taken out the trash. The only thing left to do at this point is standard cleaning and some organizing. This wasn’t so hard after all, just a matter of getting the process started. If you aren’t feeling up for the taking on the challenge alone call up some friends and family and make a party of it, or give Maid In Spokane a call and we will come over and get you taken care of. Your home is the one place you should always feel happy and free. Reclaim your space.

Big shout out to our friends If you are in New Orleans Louisiana be sure to check them out.