What Home Cleaning Services Do Maid In Spokane Provide

Our Customized Cleaning Plan Puts You In Charge

Home Cleaning Services We Provide

Here at Maid In Spokane we do things a little different. You won’t find any pre packaged “One Size Fits All” cleaning packages here. We realize that no 4 bedroom 3 bath home has the exact same needs and that every family has unique concerns, schedules and budgets.

Customized Cleaning Packages

Our Customized Cleaning Packages  put you, the customer in charge of the cleaning process.  I mean after all, it’s your house, your family, and your money. Why would we tell you what’s “best” for it?

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The Customized Cleanig Check List

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The Customized Cleaning Checklist (CCC) is our secret weapon. Before our Cleaning Specialist arrive you fill out your customized cleaning checklist online (takes about 5 minutes). The checklist helps the Specialist to know exactly what areas are your top concerns and what areas require little or no attention at all.

For Example…

The Guess Room. If you have an empty guess room in your home you may only require light dusting in that room on a monthly basis, or no cleaning at at all, or maybe even thought it’s empty your home collects a lot of dust and you want a detailed cleaning in that room every visit.

That’s where the check list comes in!

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