How to Clean an Oven Like the Pros At Your Favorite Spokane Cleaning Service

by maidinspokane - February 1, 2018

So…You have to clean the oven huh?

Don’t Panic. With the tips below you’ll be done in no time. First we need to gather a few supplies.

Oven Cleaning Supplies

  • Easy Off Oven Cleaner.

    Easy off

    Easy off oven cleaning

  • Pumice Stone
  • Sponge
  • Multi Surface Cleaner
  • Rag


Now that we have the tools of the trade, Oh yea..Please grab some gloves and a face mask; How could I forget. SAFETY FIRST! Now lets get to buesiness.

  1. Remove the oven racks
  2. Spray the entire oven with Easy Off
  3. Put the oven racks back in and spray them down.
  4. Shut the door and let it sit for at least 30 minutes (the longer the better)
    1. Dont forget your safety gear!!
  5. Using your sponge, whipe out the oven and rinse your racks in the sink.
  6. Revist any stubborn stains with your pumice stone. (Be sure to keep the surface wet with your multi surface cleaner)
  7. Spray the entire oven with your muli surface and wipe it out with your rag to remove any residue left behind from the Easy Off.
  8. Enjoy your clean oven!

Spokane oven cleaning

So now you know how to clean an oven just like the pros. If you are doing a move out clean. Be sure to pull it from the wall and clean under the oven as well as the back and sides. But just because you know how doesn’t mean you want to. I know how to change oil, but i much rather enjoy a coffee while the guys at Camp Chevrolet have at it. If you are anything like me, feel free to let my wonderful team at Maid IN Spokane make it shine for you Yep shameless plug 🙂

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