Caring For laminate Flooring

by maidinspokane - August 7, 2016

Laminate flooring is the go to for many because it provides the look of real wood flooring at a fraction of the cost and is a lot easier to maintain. But if not cared for properly laminate flooring can be ruined rather quickly. I will give you some key advice to help you get years out of your laminate and protect that gorgeous shine.


Pool table on laminate flooring

Moisture is Not Your Friend
Rule number 1 when dealing with laminate is keeping moisture of any kind to a minimum. The moisture can cause warping and other damage that can not be repaired. I personally suggest keeping soft rags stored in the rooms with laminate flooring to quickly clean spills of any kind.

Laminate Is Not Wood
Although laminate closely resembles wood, if you treat it like wood you will damage it. No buffing, polishing, or heavy cleaners.

Our Furry Friends
Trim those nails. Laminate scratches easily, so no straw brooms as well.

Keep It Simple

1. Sweep and dust the floor regularly

2. Mop the floor with a microfiber mob once or twice a week. Water, vinegar, alcohol mix in a spray bottle (the alcohol helps it to dry quickly)
. a. Lightly spray every few feet and dry with your dampened microfiber mop