But I Can’t Afford a Maid Service…Can I?

by maidinspokane - June 7, 2017

But I Can’t Afford a Maid Service…Can I?
Chances are that the idea of hiring a cleaning service have entered your mind. Chances are also that you quickly dismissed that thought. You believe that having a cleaning service is a luxury reserved for the “super rich”, and you couldn’t be farther from the truth.

The Price Misconception
Have you ever priced a cleaning service? If not take a brief second to do so before reading the remainder of this article. I hear that Maid In Spokane has an awesome form on their website that allows you to get instant pricing (wink wink)

No, Go Check Out the Pricing. I’ll Wait

What did you think about the price? Did it surprise you? I’m sure  you noticed the pricing is broken down into 3 types of cleaning. Premium, Deep, and Weekly Cleaning Plans.

Booking from from maid in spokane

Estimated Pricing For a 4 Bedroom 3 Bath Home


This option is used for Moving in/out of a home or a yearly tune up (Spring Cleaning). Most clients do not require the premium cleaning, but those who do will appreciate the value offered at the price. If you are renting a 4 bedroom 3 bath home, you likely were charged a deposit upfront. Now imagine your landlord giving you back that amount in full. Feels nice, doesn’t it?


Deep Cleaning is used if you have fell a little behind on the small deteails that make a world of difference. The crown molding, floor boards, ceiling fans… I dont know If you have ever cleaned floor boards throughout a home that size but if you have you have probably already written a check and just waiting on me to tell you where to send it.


The weekly options are extremely customizable and in some cases are cheaper then the price showed on the estimate page. I am a huge believer of “under promise over deliver”. If you have kept up on the house work up until this point you are able to go right into a weekly cleaning option. If you have allowed things to get a little behind the best choice would be to have the first cleaning done as a deep clean and then follow up with your choice of weekly option.

The Question Quickly Becomes Can You Afford Not to Have a Maid Service!

There are people out there who truly enjoy cleaning (I believe  I’ve hired them all), but if I some how missed one please click here to apply. We are always looking for people who truly enjoy cleaning. But if you aren’t one of the few who truly enjoys cleaning, What is your time worth to you? How much would you pay for more time with your family, more time to read a book, or to binge watch that new show you just discovered?

Info graphic how Americans spend their time

If you are ready to schedule your home cleaning I happen to personally know the owner of Spokane’s 5 star rated Cleaning Company Premier Maid Service. You caught me…Shameless self promotion! If not please check out some of our awesome articles that have a number of time saving tips to assist you on your immaculate home journey.