Best Cleaning Tips and Tricks for Your Home

by maidinspokane - June 2, 2017

Best Cleaning Tips and Tricks for Your Home

An unexpected guest! That could make any homeowner lose themselves, especially if they’re already struggling with keeping their house clean. What they fail to realize is that there’s a difference between a big major spring cleaning session and regular property maintenance to keeping your home neat and tidy on a regular basis. Likewise, don’t worry, most visitors who would come to your home for a surprise visit wouldn’t do a white glove test; they’re there to socialize. So, what’s important is that you just keep your home neat and tidy. Here’s how.

8 Tips to Cleaning Your Home

1. The Three T’s Should Be Your Priority
We’re talking about the tabletops, toilets, and television. Yes, you heard it right–                                                        television. Come to think of it, yourGirl with duster living room probably has a huge TV, and have you ever thought of the amount of dust that probably hangs on it? Perhaps, your collection of CDs also tells a story of why your house isn’t as organized as it should be. Let’s not forget that you’d probably be sitting in the living room, chatting with your friends. That’s why as a homeowner, you really have to dust your TV set regularly, and make sure that everything in the living room is properly organized. As for the tabletops and toilets, these are obviously self explanatory. You have to keep them clean.
2. Stash Like a Boss
You’re probably guilty of this; whenever there’s a surprise visit, you end up tossing everything in the basket and hiding them in the closet just so your home would appear ‘tidy.’ Although this can be a quick and instant solution, you’ll end up with a cabinet full of junk later on. Avoid this from happening by neatly putting your things in a basket and storing them in the room where they should belong. That way, when your visitor leaves, you can easily organize your things.

3. Deal with Pet Hair
It doesn’t matter if your house is sparkling clean. If you own a dog, chances are, there’s pet hair everywhere! That means no matter how clean the room is a sofa filled with pet fur is definitely untidy. A quick fix for this would be using a rubber glove or a pet hair busting product that would remove the stray hair.

4. Have a Nice Smelling Soap in Your Bathroom
The good thing about placing a nice smelling bar of hand soap inside the bathroom is that, aside from acting as an instant room freshener; your guests would also appreciate this. They’ll have nice smelling hands after using the bathroom.

5. Be an Artistic Stacker
Are you a stacker? These are people who have bills tossed on the counter, books everywhere, and unopened mail left on the front door. However the difference from a person who’s disorganized is that, these things are neatly piled up. So, why not improve your stacking skills even more? Browse some home improvement catalogs and you’ll discover ways to artfully stack a pile of junk. This would encourage you to channel your inner stylist, wherein even a simple bowl of paper clips can be turned into something chic with the right accessories.

6. Use a Timer

Stop watch

Use a stop watch when cleaning

This is perfect for the whole family. Basically, you’ll be using a timer to require everyone in the household to clean for 10 minutes. For this activity, it’s ideal if you would ask your kids and spouse to become part of it. Make this activity a little more enjoyable by turning it into a game as well. Although this may seem not to accomplish much, the impact it has is remarkable. In fact, you’ll be surprised at how much your house could be cleaner and well-organized after a while.

7. The Floor Should Have Nothing Else, But Furniture
Stacks of newspapers, magazines, and toys– these should be kept away from the floor at all times. When your property is clean it is definitely more attractive.
When you have kids, this a little more difficult. What you can do is to teach your kids to clean up and keep away their toys after playtime. Reward them every time they do so.

8. “I Might Need This Someday… NOT”
You’re probably saving most of your stuff, thinking that you’ll probably need it someday. The truth is there’s a huge possibility that you won’t. So, stop that habit of yours and get rid of things that you don’t need right now. By doing so, you’ll be able to make your home a little less junk-filled.

Final Words
Home maintenance comes in many forms but keeping it clean is a standard. Cleaning your home doesn’t have to be a daunting task. The tips and tricks mentioned above are just some of the ways you can turn your cleaning experience into something fun and easy, instead of painstaking and tiring.