Benefits of Having Your Spokane Office Professionally Cleaned

by maidinspokane - February 3, 2018

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As small business owners we know all too well what an endless to do list looks like. Interviews, finances, taxes, customer satisfaction and the list goes on. But hey! We signed up for this, and wouldn’t have it any other way. The office quickly becomes our second home and our employees, an adopted family. Keeping our “house” clean is essential, but is it really worth it to bring in professionals?

Honestly, for some businesses it doesn’t make sense for example, I own a cleaning company. But most will greatly benefit.

  • Less Sick Employees: Disgusting bathrooms can be the number one reason employees get sick. Bathrooms that aren’t properly clean can circulate the same virus multiple times. Hiring professionals not only provides the benefit of a restroom that is pleasing to the eyes and nose, but also a bathroom that is properly disinfected.


  • Happier Employees: Have you ever  been driving and out of nowhere comes the immediate urge to use a restroom? You continue up the road for a while and arrive at a gas station. You run into the restroom only to discover you would much rather hold it until you get home (15 minutes away). Although that may be an option for you, imagine the poor guy working behind the counter.


  • More Detailed Cleaning: Your employees can clean the office, but are your employees trained to clean? Jake is an awesome salesman, but would Jake ever think to clean behind the toilet or under the sink? Even if he thought of it, would he really want to? Of course not! So by bringing in professionals you get a cleaner building and a happier Jake.

  • Customers Notice: Customer notice things that you may have grown accustomed to overtime. Ever walked into a friends home and go “What’s that smell” and they have no idea what you are talking about. As humans we adapt and learn to live with certain things over time, but unfortunately our customer will not stick around long enough to adapt if we don’t provide an awesome first impression.


These are just a few of the benefits to bringing in a professional cleaning team. I would tell you a lot more, but I have to get back to running the greatest cleaning company in Spokane (Maid In Spokane). Yep another shameless plug lol.


But seriously if you think you could possibly benefit from having your Spokane office professionally cleaned or aren’t quit sure and just want to talk it over over a cup of coffee give me call. We can come up with a plan to fit nearly any schedule and budget. If you aren’t in Spokane and happen to come across this article please feel free to call I have maid (see what I did there)  friends from all over in the industry and would be happy to refer you.


Jeremy Shaw


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